SIBO Breath Test


If you have been reading my recent posts regarding SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), you may be wondering how to test for it.

Testing for SIBO is done at home via a simple, NON-INVASIVE BREATH TEST.

After a 24 hour preparatory diet, the lactulose (or glucose or fructose) test substrate is swallowed. Your practitioner will determine the best substrate for you based on your symptoms.

Lactulose is not absorbed and therefore acts as a food source for bacteria, if present, in the small intestine.

The bacteria ferment the testing substance and produce hydrogen and/or methane gas. These are diffused into the bloodstream and exhaled via the breath.

Breath samples are collected every 20 minutes for 3 hours.

If you are suffering with gut symptoms such as bloating, gas, pain, nausea, reflux, constipation or diarrhoea, I can help you to identify the underlying cause and order a SIBO test if warranted. A protocol can then be developed specifically for you to address the cause and improve symptoms.

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