The Purpose of Poo!

As you read this, your body is working hard to:

* Clear waste produced during its normal, healthy activities

* Remove compounds (e.g. hormones) from circulation that have completed their tasks

* Neutralise toxins that can harm your body, and

* Fight off pathogens (infectious organisms) that could otherwise make you sick

Once it’s completed these tasks, the next step is to ELIMINATE these unwanted substances.

It does this by packaging them up and sending them to your intestines to be eliminated in your poo!


As your digestive tract is one of the main avenues for removing waste from your body, it’s ideal to pass at least ONE WELL-FORMED STOOL DAILY; this ensures the efficient clearance of toxins from your body. Anything less than this, and you might be experiencing CONSTIPATION.

But why does this occur? What impact is it having within your gut? And most importantly, what can you do to address the underlying cause(s)?

A qualified NATUROPATH work with you to help uncover the underlying cause(s) of your bowel issues and provide you with a personalised plan to address it.

Read my future posts to discover more about the fascinating world of poo.

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