In part 2 of my CHRONIC INFLAMMATION series, I will outline the basics of following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to assist with the many chronic health conditions that inflammation contributes to .... see my last post for a list of conditions.....

  1. Eat anti-inflammatory FOODS

  2. Avoid SMOKING

  3. Limit your ALCOHOL intake

  4. Get adequate EXERCISE

  5. Get enough quality SLEEP

  6. Manage your STRESS

  7. Spend time with people you LOVE

  8. Maintain a HEALTHY WEIGHT

  9. Spend time OUTDOORS

Maintaining a balance of these lifestyle factors will help to reduce inflammation and many chronic diseases.

See my next post for the top ANTI-INFLAMMATORY foods to eat and PRO-INFLAMMATORY foods to avoid.

Yours in health, Lori Fryer Naturopath

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